Clearing the Air: BBC documentary looks at the health crises caused by air pollution

Rosamund Kissi-Debrah spent seven years after her daughter Ella’s death trying to find the answers as to why her previously healthy child had suddenly become so gravely ill. An initial inquest found no connection to air pollution and at no point was air pollution mentioned as a potential factor in the time that Ella was ill.

This documentary talks to Rosamund and the key people involved in fighting for a second inquest – and ultimately setting a hugely significant legal precedent.

It also explores what comes next. How could the law be changed to reduce our exposure to invisible pollutants? What can government at all levels do to make the air we breathe less toxic? Is pressure from the public necessary to make drastic change happen?

Baroness Jenny Jones describes how the Clean Air (Human Rights) Bill, also known as Ella’s Law, would be a game-changer: “It makes clean air a human right. And that means that every single time any decision is made by a council, by development, by the government, they have to consider air pollution and reduce it for whatever they’re planning.”

Listen here.

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