What would Ella’s Law do?

For years, governments have failed to take effective action to improve air quality to safe levels. The Clean Air (Human Rights) Bill:

  • Establishes the right to breathe clean air as a basic human right.
  • Follows a ‘One Air’ approach that encompasses the health and environmental impacts of pollutants and greenhouse gases, and sets limits and targets for each aspect based on the best international standards and scientific advice.
  • Requires local authorities to bring air quality up to minimum WHO standards within five years.
  • Requires the national government to give local authorities the support they need to do this.
  • Requires the Environment Agency and the Committee on Climate Change to review pollutants and limits annually and advise the Secretary of State if they need tightening.
  • Establishes a Citizens’ Commission for Clean Air (CCCA) to annually review the Secretary of State’s compliance with the law.

    You can see the full text of the Bill here.

Watch Simon Birkett of Clean Air in London explain why Ella’s Law is such an exciting and positive development, and why it’s attracting such strong cross-party support.

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