Green groups launch complaint against Government after it misses legal deadline to set binding environmental targets

Two coalitions of green groups have submitted a letter of complaint to Defra after the Government failed to meet a legal deadline on setting new environmental targets.

The targets, applying to air quality, water quality, nature and waste management, should have been published by 31 October. Two coalitions, representing organisations including the Ella Roberta Foundation, Asthma Lung UK, Clean Cities, the National Trust and Friends of the Earth have submitted a letter of complaint urging the government to publish these targets as soon as possible.

The letter also calls for Defra to communicate to Parliament and stakeholders without further delay what this timeframe will be and what remedial plan is in place to address this breach.

One of the key benefits of Ella’s Law is that it would require targets on air quality to be set in accordance with WHO guidelines on safe limits for human health.

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